by Francesco Zinno

The Wall
#FHS #tellmemore

FHS is a work in progress, in which one of the main aims would be to explore the juxtaposition of founded written texts and photographs. In the attempt of building a photographic narrative artefact, several different narratives are embedded to a leading story, presenting the reader with an intricate rebus. 

Presenting the artefact in the form of a book, FHS questions the way we approach the format of the book itself - particularly the horizontal given scroll in opposition with the now-a-days very common online vertical scroll.

As part of the installation a blank wall invited the audience to engage the project, using the book as a starting point to write on the surface. Collaboration is indeed another important part of the project, that in the book is envisaged by the intervention of Benedita Pinto Gonçalves in re writing the sentences - playing with the design and position of sentences and letters.

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kopfkino in progress